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Indonesian Translation Services

Professional translation, localization, creative services and quality control services

700 different languages are spoken in Indonesia, the 4th most crowded country in the world. As the medium of instruction and official language, Indonesian is spoken as the second language by the majority of population.

Even though there are hundreds of different languages in Indonesia, since Indonesian is spoken in education, mass media, jurisdiction and official institutions, this language undertakes the role of serving as a bridge between Indonesia and other countries.

We provide translation services in tens of language pairs such as Indonesian-English and Turkish-Indonesian at Transistent. Contact us for Indonesian lingual services we provide at competitive prices.

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Indonesian Translation Services

Indonesian Business Translation Services

Indonesia is one of the Asian countries whose economy is developing very rapidly. Trade is performed in ships in this country that consists of islands. There are many advantages in trading with this country since labor cost is low and raw materials are abundant.


We provide Indonesian business translation services with translators that are specialized in international business translation. We translate documents such as invoices, receipts, dispatch notes, permit documents and correspondences in high quality.


We work with expert translators and project managers based on the topic in the Transistent translation department.

Translation services we provide:

Arabic Translation Memory Management
Azerbaijani Translation Services

Indonesian Multimedia Services


We provide a wide range of services in visual and auditory terms with our multimedia services.


We offer subtitling services for advertisements, films, series, education and promotion videos as well as voiceovers performed by professional voiceover experts.


At Transistent, we have the infrastructure to work with all kinds of file extensions including the most common multimedia file formats. We successfully perform transcription of audio and video recordings with low quality as well as other processes.

Multimedia services we provide:

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Indonesian E-commerce Localization


Offering products to overseas markets in the native language of consumers affects the success of sales positively. We support our clients with localization services in the translation of description of products available for e-commerce, marketing and customer support contents.


We offer the translation of e-commerce sites, mobile apps, product descriptions, marketing and promotion contents as part of the localization services we provide in the field of e-commerce.


At Transistent, we have successfully provided services to many international companies for numeral years servicing their needs of content localization in e-commerce activities. You may contact us immediately for your Indonesian localization requests and get a free quote.

Albanian Localization
You may get information about your project whenever you want thanks to the client portal.
Our quality is proven by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certifications.
We provide services in all file formats.
Quality control services are provided by native Indonesian editors.
At Transistent, a project management team works to respond to your requests as soon as possible.

Indonesian Quality Control Services


How can you rest assured that the translation of your very important documents is correct? At Transistent, we are able to review your files in terms of grammar, punctuation and fluency with our native Indonesian editors.


We also offer translation memory and management services as part of quality control services. Thanks to these services, we are able to deliver the same quality and consistent translation service in the next request of clients.

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