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Defense & Security Translation

Contact Transistent for professional and high-quality translation services answering all your translation and interpreting needs in international defense and security!

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Defense & Security Translation

Do you need professional and high-quality translation solutions for military and defense-related texts requiring the utmost attention to privacy and security? You can contact us to benefit from our translation and interpreting services in all defense industry fields, including manufacturing and engineering. Examples of some of the translation solutions that we offer at Transistent for the defense industry include:

Interpreters for high-level conferences, congresses, etc.

Translation of training videos and booklets

Translation of logistics-related content

Translation of software, programs, and mobile apps

Translation of technical manuals for devices, machinery and other tools

Defence Industry Translation Services
Defence Industry & Security Translation Services

Aerospace Translation

Aerospace engineering is a very specialized field that shares similarities with the defense industry. We work with translators who are trained in the field and familiar with international aerospace law and the dynamics of the industry, giving them an excellent command of the terminology required. When offering aerospace translation services, we always aim for accuracy as part of our zero-error policy.

Software and program translation

Over-the-phone interpreting

Translation of logistics-related content

Simulation translation

Technical and legal translations for business processes, contracts, and manuals

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting

Foreign resident and human rights translation

Cyber Security Translation

Technology and digitalization, i.e. all processes related to the running of the modern world, are now dependent on the internet. Administrative institutions, banks, product and service providers, and educational and health institutions the world over manage their processes via the internet. For this reason, cyber security has become increasingly important in recent years. At Transistent, we offer cyber security translation services with our team of translators equipped with specialized knowledge of information technologies and a vast array of experience in software translation.

Security software translation

Antivirus program translation

Software translation

Defence Industry & Security Translation

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