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Import and Export Translation

Do you want to compete in the global market? Are you wishing to expand your business and explore foreign markets? Use our import and export translation services and strengthen your position in international trade.

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The importance of translation in the import and export sector

Countries’ import and export volumes change as the global economy grows. The main prerequisite for import and export companies wishing to compete in global markets is to attract the target group with goods and services offered in multiple languages. However, there is one business consideration that needs to be taken into account before reaching out to your customers: making sure that your products and services are in accord with international trade laws and the legislation of the target countries, not to mention your logistics processes, which are decisive factors in trade activities. In brief, translation services are vital to ensuring that import and export sectors run smoothly and that every stage of international trade is successful.

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Import & Export Sector Translation
Import & Export Translation

Expertise in import and export translation

With our expertise and experience in international trade translation, we offer high-quality services at affordable prices for all your translation requirements, whether they involve customs, railways, port management, and logistics or commercial correspondence, marketing, and promotional activities.

The translation needs of the import and export sector are very diverse, ranging from legal documents, commercial agreements, invoices, and important documents prepared by manufacturers, to shipping bills, logistics documents, financial reports, contracts, and insurance documents.

We are at your service with certified translators chosen from our pool of over 2,500 linguists working in all fields, including the automotive, agricultural, and textile sectors, which have the largest import and export economies!

How we deliver superior quality translations for the import and export industry

At Transistent, we employ a multi-layered approach to quality. We implement various translation procedures to manage import and export translation projects.

Firstly, we choose the right person to cater for your project requirements based on their command of the target language, the specific domain, and its terminology.

After a linguist completes a project, the text goes through a QA process to identify inconsistencies, numerical and spelling errors, and terminological variations.

In the second step, editing comes into play, where the text is examined in terms of coherence, grammar, and compliance with termbases and style guides.

The DTP department then steps in to ensure the project is delivered in its original format and checks the target text page layout and formatting.

Finally, proofreaders whose native language is the target language check the text for fluency, style, and cultural appropriateness.

Once your project has gone through all of these processes, we can ensure that the quality of the finished product is increased by at least 40% compared to a text that hasn’t undergone any checks.

Contact us to benefit from quality and rapid solutions for your import and export translation requirements!

What sort of documents do we translate for the import and export industry?

Purchase and sales agreements

Balance sheets

Bond certificates

Foreign trade documents

Business activity statements

Credit documents

Income tables

Shareholders’ agreements

Tender specifications

Signature circulars

Dispatch notes

Cash flow statements

Marketing reports


Sales reports

Articles of association

Subcontractor agreements

Trade documents

Trade gazette articles

Commercial correspondence

Product reports

Client Testimonials