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Insurance Translation

Poor quality translation has its risks!

With our professional translation solutions we can guarantee that all our translations in the insurance field are of the highest quality.

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What are the insurance sector’s key priorities?

The insurance sector not only offers protection against financially measurable risks, but also plays an important role for both developing and developed countries with its potential for generating funds.

Insurance permeates all aspects of modern life; automobile insurance, private health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, and earthquake insurance are just some of the kinds of insurance available on the market. Insurance is equally vital for companies who do business abroad.

Insurance Interpreting
Insurance Translation

How does Transistent manage the translation of insurance texts?

Intrinsically related to law, insurance texts contain special terminology and legal provisions.

Even though translating insurance texts requires fluency, merely having a good knowledge of the source and target languages is often not enough to deliver a quality translation.

At Transistent, we offer quality translation solutions with our experienced team of linguists and project managers who know their insurance terminology inside out and are also experienced in the financial and legal domains.

All work done by humans is prone to errors, and that includes translation. However, thanks to Q&A processes that increase quality by 30-40%, we can rest safe in the knowledge that our clients are getting the most accurate and professional insurance translations out there!

Special translation insurance from Transistent!

We are committed to delivering impeccable localization and translation services. We offer translation insurance coverage of up to $50,000 to cover any financial losses caused by translation errors!

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What different types of insurance do we translate?


Covers damages caused by accidents, collisions, fire, and theft.

Personal accident

Covers damages from unexpected accidents.


Covers healthcare costs.


Covers tourists when traveling abroad.


Covers against earthquakes and earthquake-related incidents, such as fire and collapse of buildings.


Covers goods against damages during transportation by road, sea, and air.


Covers against damages caused by unexpected events, such as burglary, flooding, and lightning strikes.


Covers against natural disasters, such as earthquakes, flooding, and theft.

Financial loss

Covers companies against potential financial losses.