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Marketing Translation

Do you need translation solutions produced by marketing experts that allow you to speak the same language as your target audience?

Your products and services are ready, you’ve prepared your strategy to increase your market share and open up to global markets. Now it’s time to start marketing your products and services in the best way possible!

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An overview of the marketing sector

The history of marketing dates back to the first magazine advertisement published in the 1700s. As new geographical discoveries brought different cultures together, there was also a concomitant rise in international communication and commercial activities.

International marketing, defined by international trade and industrialization, gradually came onto the scene with the dawn of the modern era. The first examples of marketing came in the form of printed advertisements published in magazines and newspapers. This was then followed by posters, banners, and outdoor advertising. With advances in technology, we have had radio and TV commercials, telephone marketing, and finally the latest trend in this era; digital advertising.

The impact of digitalization and the growth in the power of the internet has led to the disappearance of borders as we once knew them. With the spread of globalization, potential target audiences for companies, institutions, organizations, and brands have expanded on an international scale.

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Marketing Translation

The importance of communication in marketing

In parallel with these developments, although we suggest that marketing is a sector whose borders are growing with each passing day, it is by nature a sector focused on the needs of its target audience. Therefore, the only way to reach out to potential customers and create a positive impact is to speak the same language as your target audience. This means that marketing translations are vital for all institutions and organizations, companies and brands with international connections.

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Reach out to your customers and boost your sales by getting your marketing texts professionally translated!

In its broadest sense, marketing refers to the way in which goods and services are sold and promoted to customers. Companies engage in marketing through various channels to create brand awareness, and to make their products, services, and campaigns known to consumers. That’s why marketing cannot be separated from concepts such as culture and language.

Establishing an emotional link between the brand and the user is only possible through effective communication. As companies operating in global markets are often faced with language and cultural barriers, they turn to translation and localization solutions to ensure marketing success.

Therefore, translations in this field have to focus on communicating the message as effectively as possible, while taking into account the visual elements and formatting of the source text. Marketing language uses informative and persuasive techniques to encourage customers to buy certain products.

In the field of marketing, translation actually means localization or even complete reconstruction of the text in the target language, known as transcreation. And to do that, a native command of both the source and target language is required, as well as an intimate knowledge of the target audience: the linguist ideally should have in-depth first-hand experience of the target culture. In addition, there is a need for effective analysis of brand identity and the values it represents to ensure that these are correctly conveyed and carried across cultures.

At Transistent, we offer quality translation solutions in all languages through our pool of experienced marketing translators who know how to truly reflect your brand’s values abroad and create the maximum impact!

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What do marketing translation and localization solutions cover?

Marketing texts can be used as both informative texts and promotional tools.


Traditional marketing translation and localization solutions

You can take advantage of our marketing translation solutions for all kinds of traditional media tools, such as brand identity materials, magazine and newspaper articles, radio spots, TV commercials, promotional films, posters, banners, adverts, and brochures!


Digital marketing translation and localization solutions

Or alternatively, you can choose to employ professional translation services for a whole range of digital content, such as digital brand identity materials, corporate websites and blog content, SEO-friendly digital content, email marketing, search engine ads, social media ads, and e-book translations!