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Telecommunications Translation

Fast and quality communication is underpinned by quality translation solutions.

We offer translation and localization services in every language with our experienced team of linguists who know all there is to know about the telecommunications sector’s requirements!

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The global significance of the telecommunications sector

For communication to take place, a message has to be conveyed by the sender to the recipient. The message’s journey takes place through a channel. Put simply, telecommunications is all about the smooth transmission of data between the sender and the receiver, usually across large distances.

In telecommunications, which comes from the French télé- ‘at a distance’ + communication ‘communication’, data such as symbols, signals, text, images, or sounds are transmitted physically with the aid of electromagnetic radiation or through cables that transmit electricity currents.

Throughout history, various methods have been used to enable communication over great distances. With the development of technology and the spread of information technologies however, modern communication methods such as the telegram, telephone, internet, and satellite communication have been evolving since the 20th century.

Telecommunication Intepreting Services

While our distant ancestors communicated with smoke and signals, it is now possible to access every kind of information available to humanity without even needing a cable. And as we move into the future it will be cloud systems that will become more important than ever.

Quality Certificates

Quality Certificates

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24/7 Service

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Superior Quality

Insurance Translation

Insurance Translation

Telecommunications Sector Translation

Professional telecommunications translation

Translation is an indispensable part of the telecommunications sector, which drives globalization and global communication.

We know that the most important competitive elements in the communications industry, which is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, are speed and quality of service. These are the principles on which we base our solutions for telecommunications translation!

We assign experienced and trained sworn translators and project managers who are familiar with specialist terminology to our telecommunications projects. Plus, by creating style guides and termbases to ensure the consistency of your large-scale telecommunications translation projects, we can offer much faster solutions.

Examples of the types of telecommunications texts that need translating

Special training manuals for telecommunications companies

Technical documentation for the installation of cables, networks, and infrastructure

Cloud-based system content, which often require localization services

Educational videos, booklets, and manuals

Software, app, and testing content

Telecommunications, advertising, sales promotion, and marketing texts

User manuals for mobile devices and consumer electronics

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